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Jessica Hart


Jessica Hart is an indie dance artist and singer from Belleville, Ontario Canada. For her 11th birthday, her dad bought her a guitar at a pawn shop, and soon after, she would learn how to play the instrument. Jessica was cast in several musicals during high school, and it helped develop her singing voice. In 2014, Tep No encouraged her to pursue a singing career even though she was struggling as a single mother; she was also finishing her degree in Sociology and working multiple jobs at the time. She became a featured artist on Tep No’s song “A Different You” in 2015. She then released “Soul Phazed” on La Belle Musique’s YouTube channel. Soon after, she started getting considerable traction online.

“Soul Phazed” has gained over 4 million Views/Streams on Spotify/Youtube/Soundcloud, and in December of 2016, the song was added to rotation on SiriusXM Chill. Jessica’s latest single, “Never Been To Spain”, was released on Time Records, an influential dance label based in Italy.